Current Classics Bicycle Photos: Rivendell Bombadil Prototypes:

Bombadil Prototype Photos

These images of the two Bombadil prototypes were taken during a visit to the RBWHQ&L in January, 2008. I had an opportunity to take a short ride on both of these bicycles while there. Even in the too-large-for-me 60 size, it's extremely "light" handling. GP has spec'd a strong tubeset, but there's not a "heavy" feel anywhere in this bicycle. I loved the low speed stability. It reminded me of why the best of the "pre-suspension" mtb's rode so well.

As with all prototypes, there may be some changes between the photos you see here and what gets delivered as a production model. But, as with all things Rivendell, they have a relentless attention to detail.

Two different bicycles appear in the photos below - the last three images are of the 60 size model - this one actually uses 700C wheels. The detail photos which start directly below are of the 52 model. I had an earlier PDF of the Bombadil geometry, which can be found on the Bombadil page - this may not represent current dimensions - and if you go to the Bombadil on the RBW site and choose "Read About It", you can get a sense of the sizing guidelines.



Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - 52 bb detail

Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - 52 from the side

Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - Keven's Bag
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - rack attachment detail
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - Rear dropout detail
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - 52 bb detail
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - head lug detail 
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - 60 rear quarter view
Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - 60 front quarter view


Rivendell Bombadil Prototype - 60 from the side



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