Hi Jim,

This is my Fuji Touring Series IV down at the Eagle Harbor marina. My wife got it for me for Christmas. It's probably from approximately 1983, and came from my friend Lynn who rode it all over the Rockies. It is in great condition with almost no scratches or scrapes. The ride is sweet: comfy and stable like a touring bike should be. Highlights include: Frame is quad butted Valite Sugino AT triple ( I think the stock gearing is half step with the outer rings 46/52 or so; this is too high for me, so I still have to change it) I changed a few things: Panaracer Pasela 27x1.25 tires (this is about as big as it will fit with fenders) Brakes are now Dia Compe 981s that I took off a parts bike I bought on a rainy night recently. These stop a lot better than the original brakes. Nitto Technomic stem and old Cinelli bars Shimano two-sided pedals with flat/spd





Fuji Touring Series IV - Parking Scofflaw

Fuji Touring Series IV - side view

Fuji Touring Series IV - front end detail




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