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Vintage 1983 model Specialized Expedition Touring Bike -

60cm After hearing numerous testimonials from owners of these vintage tourers I bought this one about 2 years ago and it was in fairly rough shape sporting mt bike bars. The original gray paint was chipped & scratched very badly but otherwise it was sound.

After riding it like it was for about a year and a half I decided to give it a makeover with modern components.

I asked my local frame builder to check it over and do the following modifications.
-Spread rear drops to 135mm
-Checked frame for alignment
-Brazed on 2 down tube shifter cable stops (with small hearts in center which matches small hearts on inside of fork crown)
-Remove top tube cable guides from top of top tube
-Brazed on 2 new top tube brake cable guides on side of top tube
-Brazed on Chain holder
-Brazed on Pump Peg on head tube

Then I decided to go with nickel plating rather than paint. So far I have not purchase decals although I am debating with myself to add some in a burnt orange to match the Chris King headset.

I already had most of my parts for a Shimano XT 9 speed drive train from a previous touring bike I decided was too small and consequently sold the frame keeping the parts for this vintage Expedition.

I only have a couple hundred miles on it since the makeover but I like it very much. It has such a pleasant and stable ride. No wonder it has a 107 cm wheelbase & 45 cm chainstays along with the fat tires. Those are 700c x 38 Conti tires with a Top Touring 2000 on the rear and Travel Contact on the front. Plus I know I can load it up with 50 lbs or so of gear and take off for loaded touring like many other owners of this model have done on them for the last 20 plus years. I have the racks & panniers and plan on mounting them the next few months.

Pics are from a recent 32 mile ride I did to a wonderful Dallas, TX landmark, White Rock Lake.


Dallas, TX area.




Specialized Expedition - front angle view

Specialized Expedition - rear angle view

Specialized Expedition - closer
Specialized Expedition - drivetrain detail
Specialized Expedition - topdown rear angle
Specialized Expedition - front oblique angle
 Specialized Expedition - front end detail
 Specialized Expedition - cockpit detail


This bicycle has been updated - click here for the latest version


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