Hi Jim --

Here's my sweetie's bike, a 1993 Bridgestone XO-5. It came into my shop as a consignment in 2003 in surprsingly unridden condition, and I snapped it up as a wedding gift for my sweetie. (Sweetie had been riding a decrepit mid-80's Mongoose that was much too small and much too heavy and hurt her back.) No lugs (this is the budget XO, after all) and it came in totally original state, right down to the cracked but unridden tires. Not sure what the story was, but the fellow who flipped it to us said it had been bought for someone who didn't have much use for it. Clearly. After an overhaul and some essential changes (new tires, fenders, rack, Brooks B-67, saddlebag, Wald swept-back bars and a taller adjustable stem), the bike was ready to go. Sweetie isn't nearly as frequent a bike rider as I am but loves the bike all the same, especially on those weekly trips to the farmers' market. Her first reaction upon seeing the bike: "Oooooh. What a pretty green bike!" Second reaction after riding the finished/modified bike: "It's so smooth!"



Just sorta makes you wanna hop on and go, doesn't it?

Bridgestone XO5 - side view

Bridgestone XO5 - front angle view

Bridgestone XO5 - rear view


The no-frills drive train: decidedly unglamorous, but it works every time.

Bridgestone XO5 - Drivetrain




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