it's been a while since I submitted anything to your site but I've got one for you now. I got a used tandem back in December (07) to take over from the trail a bike that my nine year old was outgrowing. I found a lightly used late 80's/early nineties Nashbar tandem with mid level Suntour componets. I stripped it down to the frame and then re-built it, replacing things like saddles, handlebars and tires with ones that suit my preferences. New cables/housing, chains, chainrings and freewheel too. A pretty thorough overhaul. The bike rides great and is perfect for the trips my daughter and I take. I've gotten so used to having front cargo rack that I felt lost without one on the tandem so, after consulting with her on her choice for a design motif, I went ahead and built a "tic tac toe" front cargo rack. The rack is clear coated in epoxy so as to show the steel tubing and the brass fillets. I like how it looks.






Nashbar Tandem - rigged and ready

Nashbar Tandem - Tic Tac Toe Rack

Nashbar Tandem - front end detail with Alistair's rack


Nashbar Tandem - front end view
Nashbar Tandem - cockpit view




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