Here's my ride. It's a Fuji Touring Series IV, I don't know what year.

64cm frame from ebay, build by Harris. Thanks Elton! Sugino cranks, easy-on-old-knees MTB triple up front, good old 7 gear freewheel in back, Shimano Deore XT gear management. Friction shift with Shimano shifters mounted on Paul thumbies. Some kind of canti brakes, I'm not sure what they are. They work. 700c conversion, 36 spoke wheels fore and aft on CR18 rims and Paul hubs, built by Peter White. Sweet, sweet wheels. Thanks Peter! 35 cm Pasela Panaracer Tour Guard tires. Bling -- fenders, rack, bags -- from Rivendell and Velo Orange. World's crappiest black plastic pedals.

Currently set up as a way, way upright ride with Albatross bars on a Nitto Periscopa stem and a Brooks B67. I use the bike for commuting, errands, and general riding around, the setup seems to work well for that. When I need to get forward, I just lean my forearms on the front of the bars. It works.

95% of the riding I do is in dense traffic in suburban and semi-urban MA, so the bike is generously taped up with SOLAS reflecto and I have really good lights. I've also got one of those weirdo Down Low Glow neon ground effects things, which actually makes the bike VERY visible at night. Drivers don't know exactly what kind of freaky UFO it is that's crawling along over on the shoulder, but they stay the heck away.

This is a great, great bike.



Fuji Touring Series IV - drivetrain

Fuji Touring Series IV - side view

Fuji Touring Series IV - front end detail


Fuji Touring Series IV - cockpit view
Fuji Touring Series IV - saddle & lighting detail




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