Andrew Cunningham sent these photos to me some time back - as I wade into the piles and piles of submitted photos that are in the queue, I thought you folks might enjoy something to look at - Enjoy! Number Five Hundred to follow...

Dear Cyclofiend,

I have submitted photos of a singlespeed bike, but thought the Cyclofiend viewers might find the following pics of interest if you wish to post them.

As a kid, I collected head badges and a few unique parts of some junked bikes I came across. I found some interesting ones back then. I lived in Peterborough NH at the time, so there were quite a few collectible rides back in the early 90's. In the pictures, you see two views of a classic Campagnolo front derailer, that still to this day works smoothly and without a noise or bind!

In the other pictures, you see several interesting head badges as well as a Campagnolo cable guide - and the most interesting - a "made in France" tire cleaner. It bolts onto the back nut that holds the brake, and the half moon part rests on your tire and cleans it as you ride!

Anyway, though there is no bike in any of these pictures, I thought I would submit just in case!

Best and enjoy!




Campy Front Derailleur

Campy Front Derailleur

Headbadge set 1


Headbadge set 2
French Thorn Flicker, Cable Guide, Itoh Badge




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