I had extremely good luck with this find. 1978 Pearlescent Orange Schwinn Volare. All stock first generation Dura Ace. I have heard them referred to as Japanese Paramounts. Plenty of chrome to shine on each ride. Lugged Reynolds 531 for a real solid ride. Last week, I had to have a new back wheel rebuilt because of a pothole mishap right in front of the bike shop. Coincidence? Probably just a few beers and flying by night. Anywho, I chose a Velocity Aerohead rim with the original DA hub. You need 28s around this town and the extra tough Gatorskins taboot to combat the shoddy streets the winter has left us with. The Vetta seat that came with it is beat down and I don't know how old, which translates into super comfy. Alas, I still pine for a Brooks. I ride mainly back and forth across Milwaukee and have let my pickup truck sulk in the driveway all summer. Long rides on this beauty are dreamy. While riding in Milwaukee, keep your head on a swivel. It's getting better, but you are not much more than invisible on a bike.

Best Regards,

RB in Miltown




Schwinn Volare - 1st Gen Dura-Ace

Schwinn Volare - side view, following orders

Schwinn Volare - non-drive side view


Schwinn Volare - low angle side view
Schwinn Volare - Headtube detail




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