I forget which model this fella is, its just OK tubing (reynolds 501) but it rides nicely, and was a pain free 650b conversion. This fall it will be getting fender and rack braze-ons, internal top tube cable routing, and a handmade front mech. Until then, its sort of my fair weather fastish long distance bike. It can do pretty rough stuff too, I have taken it seriously off road in rothrock state park, which is known for being pretty nasty.

Anyway, it has some interesting (to me at least) parts.

Here's the breakdown:
-SR Stem, salvaged
-GB Bars, god knows how old. Great up sweep, narrow, loads of hand positions. The drops have a very nice long flat part for your hands.
-Shimano Bar cons
-Mafac Levers
-Cinelli Tape
-Ultegra Headset
-Mafac Front Hanger
-Mafac Racers Brakes
-TA Zephyr 46 34 cranks, Sugino Rings
-Topeak Cages
-AM classic post
-Velocity/xl-14/105/nexus wheelset
-Nifty Swifty tires
-TA front rack with custom (i know its mounted upside down!) B and M front headlight bracket.
-Paul rear mech
-Ostrich Bar bag.



Trek - drivetrain detail

Trek - light detail

Trek - An actual Paul derailleur


Trek - side view




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