Hi there! Here's my submission:

I got this Della Santa used from Tom Truong (he has a Cyclofiend entry). Tom apparently had a few frames/forks made by Roland, and had a "spare". He was nice enough to drive 50 miles to show me the bike, and gave me a good price to boot.

I understand this particular Della Santa was built with Richard Sachs "Richie-issimo" lugs, Pacenti bottom bracket shell, and Dedaciai Zero tubing. The dropouts are Roland's own. It was powder-coated black because Tom told me he liked the stealthy look for his run-about bike. Tom had also requested the Pacenti BB shell because Roland's own pantographed version has Italian threading, which I guess Tom didn't prefer.

I am currently using this bike now as a fast commuter for a one-way commute of 41 miles over fairly hilly terrain (SFO up Skyline to Palo Alto then Sunnyvale, for those in the area). The Della Santa is a joy to commute on, with a very stable bias and very comfortable ride.

Effective TT: 55 cm (2 slope)
ST: 54cm c-t @ 72
HT: 13cm @ 71.5
Chainstay length: 44 cm
BB drop: 7.5 cm
Rake: 50 mm

Current part list:
Campagnolo Chorus 9-speed Ergo
Campagnolo Chorus Triple drivetrain
Paul Racer brakes
Honjo extra-long fluted fenders from Velo-Orange
Brooks Swift saddle
Nitto lugged threadless stem
Nitto model 177-LT handlebar
Velo-Orange Constructeur stainless rear rack
Nigel Smythe Country Bag
Dinotte rear light



Della Santa - rear quarter view

Della Santa - front quarter view

Della Santa - Paul Racer Brakes detail


Della Santa - head on view
Della Santa - headtube lug detail



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