Hi Jim,

I'd been looking for a Raleigh Pro in my size for a long while and finally found one in nearby New Hampshire. I purchased it from the original owner for a reasonable price and set to work cleaning it up. It was all original when I got it, including old AVA tubular rims, Maes handle bar, and 3T stem. The owner had for reasons unknown removed all the stickers! The rims had more flat spots than I wanted to deal with and the bars were way too narrow and stem way too short. I replaced the stem and bars with new Nitto items and used new Mavic Open Pro clinchers to rebuild the wheels. Everything else just needed to be cleaned and regreased. I got new transfers from a fellow in New Zealand I believe. He has an eBay store with all kinds of neat stuff for restoration. This frame had eyelets for fenders which is unusual, so I found a nice set of 35 mm Honjo polished fenders to dress it up a bit. Not a bad looking 1973 vintage bike! Oh, it rides really nice also!!! I've done one century on it and it's just really plush.

Thanks again for your wonderful website,




Raleigh Professional - side view

Raleigh Professional - front quarter view

Raleigh Professional - non-drive side view


Raleigh Professional - rear angle view
Raleigh Professional - rear angle view


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