Hi all. Here is my Soma Double Cross. Ride to work 3 days a week along the Pacific Ocean through Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, and Monterey. I hope the bike doesn't mind not being dragged through the mud and raced. Oh well.

Not the greatest components - but I'm more of a frame guy, and am a sucker for lugless steel - simple utility. Reynolds (631) tubing and prestige forks. I like all of the braze ons, fenders... I replaced the cheesy rack with a Janus Expidition (which is long and needed to provide heal clearance), the brooks saddle, Carradice Kendall panniers, Swisstop pads, and my 25 year old Suntour XC peddles. Other components are less than ideal wheels (Deore M510 hubs, Interloc hoops, and a bad brand of spokes someone told me can go "pop" in the night... great), Shimano Cantis, Tange bars and headset, Tiagra STI levers (never had STI, and never going without again) Suntour Superbe Comp cranks, unknown sealed BB, Deore rear derailleur, Tiagra front, Soma stem and post.

My mechanic champ friend dialed in the brakes, set the bars "proper" (says drop bars should point to the rear axle no matter how goofy it looks, and built a great flat area for the hands by moving the levers - it does look goofy, but feels great), and he disassembled and greased the headset); I have to do the hubs next, and replace the tires. The ride is great. Climbs, and corners super well. A great compromise somewhere between old school mountain bike, road bike and tourer.





Soma Double Cross - drive side view

SOMA Double Cross - middle detail

SOMA Double Cross - drivetrain detail


SOMA Double Cross - saddle view
SOMA Double Cross - fork blade detail
SOMA Double Cross - pannier detail

SOMA Double Cross - crank detail

SOMA Double Cross - front wheel

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