Here's my bike, a 1991 Raleigh Talon. It's got a 4130 steel frame, and it's all stock except for the Bontrager bar ends and semi-slicks, a no name rack, and the Novara underseat bag. I bought it at the LBS (they have since closed) new back in the day and it sat unused for about 10 years, now I am back at it. It was Raleigh's entry level mountain bike back then, but the most mountain-ish terrain it sees is rails-trails so I put the semi-slicks on there. Getting rid of the knobbies transformed the ride completely. I ride half centurys on it a couple times a month and other than the seat, it isn't uncomfortable. I will be adding a Brooks B17 and a proper fitting rack next year as I work up to the big 100 miler!



Raleigh Talon - side view

Raleigh Talon - non drive side

Raleigh Talon - low anglel glam shot


Raleigh Talon - USA

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