I found this bike leaning in a pile of bikes at my local flea market. They were asking $35, but I explained to them the fork was bent, and badly.

They came back with a counter offer of $15. I said sold, and took it home. I stripped the entire bike down to the bare bits, and then bought a set of custom vinyl decals. Off came the dull hazy clear coat, and the decals were applied. All the aluminum bits were degreased and polished. A month or two later I was at the flea market, and my friend was parting out an old Gazelle city bike. It had a set of stainless fenders, which I quickly offered $20 for. It has most of the original components that were on the bike when I found it.

It rides as nice as it looks! The only bad part, is that you cannot look down while riding in sunlight. Doing so will render you temporarily blind. A small price to pay. :-)




Scheinn Voyageur - Fresh Out Of the Flea Market

Scheinn Voyageur - Resurrected Side View

Scheinn Voyageur - bottom bracket detail


Scheinn Voyageur - drivetrain detail
Scheinn Voyageur - fully fendered

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