This is my beloved 1993 Bridgestone MB-3. 52cm frame. It's been my "do-all" bike for many years since aquiring it new in '93. This was my first real mountain bike, yet one of the first mods I made was purchasing an extra wheelset and 12-23 cassette, mounted some Tom Slick street tires, and it did double-duty as my road bike for a number of years. It has been through several metamorphoses in its life. Drop-bar, slick tire road bike, commuter, to full on single-track charger and several variations in between.

It retains most of the excellent stock Deore DX components, especially those sweet 7sp thumbshifters,DiaCompe 986 brakes as well as Tom Ritchey bits and pieces. Even the Avocet saddle is original. The original DX rear derailleur was destroyed during a trail ride one day and was replaced by a XT model. The crankset has an adapter (made by Ringle maybe?) allowing the mounting of a 20 tooth chainring. It will climb nearly straight up with that! It also occasionally sports a Rock Shok Jett front fork, (1" threaded...try finding one of those now) pivoting on a Campagnolo Veloce headset. I recently scored a NOS Shimano Deore DX headset on eBay and teamed it up with the original Logic rigid fork.

All in all its been a very satisfying bike to own. Agile and relatively light for a lugged steel MTB. Extremely well built as most Bridgestones were. I don't ride it as much these days as other bikes and projects have supplanted it some but it remains my favorite of the bunch.


Norm Woodhead




Bridgestone MB-3 - drive side view

Bridgestone MB-3 - drivetrain detail

Bridgestone MB-3 - headtube detail


Bridgestone MB-3 - with rigid fork
Bridgestone MB-3 - front angle view

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