Hi Jim,

Here's my latest bike, a Singular Peregrine (size L). I briefly debated whether this should go into the cross gallery or the current classics, but I quickly settled on the current classics. It's a bit porky to be a serious 'cross bike, and I think it neatly fits the definition of "current classics":

- lugged steel frame
- road bike profile

- disc brakes
- room for big tires (29x2.1" knobbies in the photos)

The bike was designed in England, and you can see the influence of British weather: full length cable housings and disc brakes only. I imagine it would survive their muck pretty well. It also has a Phil Wood (my only Phil Wood part!) eccentric bottom bracket, so it can easily be set up as a single speed or with an internally geared hub. In the current setup, I have it as a dingle speed: 38x16 road (69") and 34x20 off road (49").

I like the idea of the current format, but honestly it isn't a whole lot of use in the flat, paved part of the country where I live. It's likely it will soon transform into a geared/fendered/etc touring/child seat bike. Always good to have projects to do.

Thanks as always for your site,

Eric Daume

Dublin, OH



Singular Peregrine - rear wheel detail

Singular Peregrine - eccentric bottom bracket detail

Singular Peregrine - out in the fields


Singular Peregrine - out in the woods

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