My latest acquisition, a 1982 Columbine sport/club frame. I monitor eBay daily for unique cycling treasure, and I sure was excited to see this listed. Initially, the opening bid/BIN option was more than I could muster, but the first round concluded with no action. A few days later, the seller relisted with a very reasonable opening price. No bids were garnered until the final 5 minutes, and I had just one other enthusiast vying to take her. Score!

Guess I should be happy that so few riders want all-around great road bikes that aren't pure racers. It's so nice to have room for fenders and 28c tires, and this ride gives up nothing to my full race titanium Serotta, other than push it to the limit cornering speed. Oh well, their loss ;)

I had the majority of parts on hand to build her. Velo Orange supplied most of the rest. IÕll have to wait until spring to add the Injirushi HBBag, and SON20R/Supernova light system as planned, but for now, here it is.

I flat out love this bicycle!

Erik Ewald


Columbine Sport/Club - cockpit view

Columbine Sport/Club - side view

Columbine Sport/Club - rack detail


Columbine Sport/Club - frame details
Columbine Sport/Club - front end details
Columbine Sport/Club - dropout detail
Columbine Sport/Club - seat cluster detail
Columbine Sport/Club - Fender attachment detail
Columbine Sport/Club - spec sheet

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