Here are my pics of my Ciocc racer. I call her the "eurotrash." my friends all make fun of the colors but I love 'em. Bought her in Schweinfurt, Germany (the cradle of the ball bearing industry which was started by the Bicycle Mechanic Friedrich Fischer!) during an extended work stay. She was sitting at Cycles Hoffmann for a great price and I wanted a classic racer like this for a long time. I'm not big on what parts a bike has as long as they work. but here goes...

The Ciocc has Sachs ergopower brake levers which I think are cool.
Most other stuff including brakes, derailleurs is Shimano 600. Shimano 105 head set.
A double layer of fat tape is on the bars for good comfort.
bars say "Italmanubri." Saddle is a Vetta. Rims are Mavic.

This is the fair weather bike for special days. Not geared all that great for serious hills but great for all round riding. I hope you enjoy them.

Chris Moratz

Gardiner, NY



Ciocc Racer - side view

Ciocc Racer - front angle view

Ciocc Racer - drivetrain


Ciocc Racer - bar and stem detail
Ciocc Racer - top tube & saddle


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