As with many others, let me say, Thank you! for a great bicycle collection site. I spend way to many hours pouring over each and every photo of peoples beloved bicycles. Looking around Cyclofiend is just like standing at the candy store window. Anyway, moving on--- I have enclosed four photos.

The first picture to be viewed shows my $20.00 Univega Alpina as stock, straight from the thrift store. Sad, very sad.

The next photo shows the "Plan B" bicycle. To cover the abused, neglected frame I used a roll of yellow vinyl, electric tape and Trek decals to see how it looked. Lousy is how it looked.

The third photo shows a simple, practical bicycle that has been born again.

The last photo is the "drivetrain. Again, simple. Gears but not too many gears. Just enough ratios to putt around Kansas.

So long,

William Turner,
Wichita, Kansas



Univega Alpina - Before

Univega Alpina - Decals by Trek

Univega Alpina - Rerigged and Ready


Univega Alpina - drivetrain detail


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