My first decent bike was a Raleigh Gran Prix that I bought from Hartley's Cycle shop in Hinsdale, IL. in 1973. I've had a sentimental soft spot for the Gran Prix ever since. So when I came across an early '70s NOS Gran Prix frame still wrapped in the factory paper, I was thrilled. I've built it up using a variety of used and NOS parts. I cheated a bit, as not everything is the original equipment, but I wanted it to suit my personal preferences. I've substituted Weinman alloy wheels with Normandy gold label hubs for the original steel flywheels. Black label Weinmann brake calipers for the stock red labels. Modern bar wrap. Shimano 600 Arabesque shift levers. The handlebars and stem are from my original GP from Hartleys for some vintage MOJO.

best regards,

Jim Rosenkranz



Raleigh Gran Prix - front end detail

Raleigh Gran Prix - side view

Raleigh Gran Prix - fork crown detail


Raleigh Gran Prix - drivetrain detail
Raleigh Gran Prix - side view


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