Submitted for your approval, a one of a kind custom built Proteus Tandem, built by yours truly.

I started working at Proteus Design, a frame building pro-shop, tubing and frame supplies importer/distributer/retailer, in 1981. By late 1982, I was the main frame painter and frame finisher. A finisher took over from the frame builder, fitting and brazing the brake and chainstay bridges, installing all braze-ons, filing lug tapers, and cleaning and prepping for paint. This tandem was conceived and slowly executed during the winter months of 1982-4.

The majority of tubes were from a Reynolds 531 tandem set. The oval top tube was sourced from Phil Wood, ordered pre-cut with specified miters Head tube joints were done in a lugged/lugless-hybrid method using some funky lugs (Hague?) - still my favorite detail. The fork was built from tandem specific Columbus blades; mated Columbus sourced three piece flat crown, and Campy track ft dropouts with added eyelets. Shimano vertical rears, internal TT rear brake cable routing, lots of braze-onsÉ

Most of what you see is from the original build:
Sugino AT Tandem crankset
Phil 48/40 tandem hubs w/ Phil disc rear brake, built to Super Champion Mod.58 rims
Suntour barcons, Cyclone M II rear and Shimano 1st gen Deore ft derailleurŐs
Cinelli stems w/ 66/42Ős up front and SR North Road stoker bars
Assorted other bits.

I built this bike, with love and excitement, for my soon to be wife and I. Truth is, she never much cared for it, nor biking in general. The bike sat for years at a time, un-used. We parted ways 20 years later. My new honey, Penelope loves to ride, and she inspired the current resurrection shown below.

Recently added bits include:
A VO front rack, Carradice Barley, Brooks saddles, SPD's, light system, fresh PeselaŐs, and the fancy HB wraps

Erik Ewald

Proteus Tandem - side view

Proteus Tandem - gearing details

Proteus Tandem - rear triangles detail


Proteus Tandem - stoker seat cluster detail
Proteus Tandem - amidships
Proteus Tandem - captain seat cluster detail

Proteus Tandem - head tube detail

Proteus Tandem - front end detail


Proteus Tandem - fork blade detail
Proteus Tandem - angle view

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