This is my 1973 Schwinn World Voyageur that I bought as a frameset. I have used updated parts where modern technology can be useful, but used an old DA front derailleur and a rear DA brake that was OE from another Voyageur of the same year. This was my first experience with aerobars and I found the very long wheelbase made the handling bearable when these bars were new to me. Most importantly, I found that riding on areobars seemed dangerous because of the lack of a brake. I reasoned that cross levers were intended to add levers where they are needed, so why not use them on the aerobars?

I installed just one to operate the front brake. The frame is a bit heavy, but I built this bike for windy days in flat country. My uncle bought his Schwinn World Voyageur in 1973 and has used it all of these years as his touring bike. The frame is certainly strong enough to support this, there is enough fender clearance, and the long wheelbase makes for a comfortable ride.

Frank Knox
Greenville, NC


Schwinn World Voyager - lever detail

Schwinn World Voyager - side view

Schwinn World Voyager - front end detail


Schwinn World Voyager - rear wheel clearance
Schwinn World Voyager - bars setup





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