Hello there! Totally love the website; you've done a great job enabling people to show some nice looking bikes!

I put the finishing touches on my Lemond Maillot Jaune recently, so now it's ready to post on your site. This bike came to me from my brother-in-law, almost totally from his spare parts bin! I've had it for about 5 years, ever since a young driver totaled my much-beloved Bridgestone 500, and practically me, at a stop light. In the end, it was worth it because the Lemond is SO sweet to ride.

As far as I can figure, it's an early 1990's model since it lists Lemond's 1989 Tour victory on the seat tube. It was made in Italy, and all the lugwork has the look of most of the classic Italian steel bikes of that era. I've changed it a bit since it first arrived with a 7 speed freewheel and friction shifters. With 42/53 and 12-23, it was rather an Iron Maiden that spanked me when I took days off. As it sits now, it's 39/53 and 12-26 with an 8 speed drive train. The cool, old Cosmic wheels came in a trade for a take-out dinner, and the right shifter was a box of parts until the head mechanic where I wrench part-time put the puzzle back together for some homemade biscotti. Bonus!

It's a bit of an Italian/French mongrel with Campagnolo Record, Chorus, Veloce and Athena parts. The bars and stem are both Cinelli with Mavic brakes and wheels. The Time pedals round out the show, so to speak.

I have a 4 mile daily commute, rain, shine, snow, or whatever western PA weather comes my way, and when Spring rolls around, I'm very eager to get on this bike. Most of my commuting miles are spent on a single speed rain bike or a cross bike, and I always forget how fast this bike is compared to the others. I spend most of my time on it training for the local MS150 and the occasional race. Although, at 42 with a big family, I don't get to many races.

Enjoy, and thanks for posting!

Pittsburgh, PA

calvetti dot fam at verizon dot net


Greg Lemond Maillot Juane - rear view

Greg Lemond Maillot Juane - brake bridge detail

Greg Lemond Maillot Juane - front angle view


Greg Lemond Maillot Juane - front end detail





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