This is my latest find, a 1974 Schwinn Super Sport that was built in March of that year. I bought it at a yard sale for $10. The paint was fair, the metal needed help, and grease residue was around the hubs which helped preserve the aluminum. I couldn't think of any good reason to just walk away; I had to have it! I once had a 1971 Sierra Brown model that I purchased in September of the same year when I was a freshman in high school. That bike still exists with my friend Dave in Garland, Texas.

After I test rode it and the front tire exploded, I decided that a complete rebuild was in order. I took everything off the frame except the kickstand. I cleaned the whole frame then polished and waxed it. I took the wheels completely apart, re-greased the hubs, shined everything, then restrung and trued the rims. All metal was shined with Mother's Aluminum Mag Wheel cleaner. Some of the metal parts are pitted and I did as much as possible to bring them back to their original glory. All bearings and races were cleaned and re-greased, derailleurs cleaned, polished and oiled, Weinmann center pull brakes dismantled, polished and reassembled, then I lovingly put it all back together.

The Brooks saddle needed little help except some tightening, sanding, dyeing, and polish.

I replaced the tires, cables and housing, tape and spokes. I wanted to keep it as close to original as possible. Too bad I couldn't locate the original nylon tape or tires.

Once finished, I took photos, then rode it. I had forgotten how strongly built and HEAVY Chicago Schwinns used to be. My legs complained the next day. I felt like I had just gotten a new bike. It glissens in the sunlight. The spokes flash. Mind you, it isn't perfect, but I once again have the Schwinn of my youth, a classic bicycle from the 10-speed era.

I consider this my classic ride. I ride it around Newport News, Virginia mainly on the weekends. Sometimes I ride it to work. I may take it on a long ride some day (just like the 50 milers I did on my first Super Sport loaded with tent, sleeping bag and other necessities) once I find time. And I do ride it looking for more Schwinns at yard sales.

I hope you find my camera skills acceptable. The "before" picture is the photo taken in April. If you would like other angles or other photos, please send a message. I'd be very honored if you accept my Super Sport for placement in you current classic photos section.

Thanks for your site and support.


P.S. Someday I will find a 1976, 22.5 inch frame Raleigh Competition at another yard sale for an unbelieveable price.



Schwinn Super Sport - Side View

Schwinn Super Sport - rear angle view

Schwinn Super Sport - front angle view


Schwinn Super Sport - As it was found
Schwinn Super Sport - front end detail



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