This 1978 Richard Sachs is by far my best collection value. Purchased 15 years ago from a local gentleman interested in getting at least $150 for it. The local dudes at a nearby shop would only offer him $100 in trade saying, "Nobody wants that old friction stuff anymore" He advertised it in a local merchandising circular stating the bike cost $390 new. The owner updated a few things through the years and vowed to call me when he found the original equipment . I never went back to see how he made out with his search fearing he might have come to his senses. The bike is as I bought it except for a few cosmetic embellishments. You Win Some....

Jay Blankenbiller



Richard Sachs - drivetrain detail

Richard Sachs - top down view

Richard Sachs - front end detail


Richard Sachs - drive side top down view



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