Surly Long Haul Trucker 09'

I just got the frame and fork so I could utilze some parts I had lying around. Plus I felt I could make the bike look a bit better than what was stock, and maybe save a little money - but that never lasts.

Brooks B17 saddle, Elk hide handlebar wrap (very very soft), Shimano 600 components, Sugino Alpina 50/34 crankset (a sweet bail out gear removes my need for a triple), Phil Wood hubs (So silent and smooth), Nitto Campee front rack, Carradice quick release saddle rack, Honjo fenders ( a whole lot of coverage), Velo Orange Mafac style cantilever brakes.

LHT is a great ride/value for touring and commuting. I wanted a bike that was all lugged out and gorgeous but found the price was slipping beyond my reach. 5-80 mile rides are all comfortable and stable. Loaded up primarily in the front with Ortlieb panniers it still holds a nice line.

All I need is a covered wagon style trailer and I can live off this thing.



Surly LHT - frame details

Surly LHT - lever scuff detail

Surly LHT - forewared frame and rack detail


Surly LHT - fork crown detail
Surly LHT - BB and fender spacer detail


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