Hullo Jim,

Rivendell custom that was made by Curt Goodrich in 2002. I never leave well enough alone so many of the parts on this bike have come and gone. But this is how I built it when it was new.

The bike has a very low bottom bracket, with 83mm of drop. The brakes are 57mm reach, that are maxed-out the typical G.P. fashion. I don't know why but this bike never handled right with a front bag, so I never use the rack. The bar tape is the Japanese brand with Bullseye clear shellac. Rims are Mavic MA-2, and they are wonderful. I sure wish Mavic still made them.

Funny thing about this bike. When I ordered it I picked a stock Rivendell color. While waiting I called Joe Bell and ask to look at is color charts. Well I picked this color and when the frame made it to Rivendell World HQ they just about freaked out: To them the frame was the wrong color! They were just about to call me with the bad news when I called and asked about the frame. Much to their relief the color was right.

The Brooks saddle must have 20K miles on it if it has one, and it is still like a piece of oak.


James Valiensi
Northridge, CA USA



Rivendell Custom - angle view

Rivendell Custom - another view

Rivendell Custom - drivetrain detail


Rivendell Custom - front end details
Rivendell Custom - front end detail


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