Here's a 1994 Vitus 992.

It's not fair to call this a "project" bike, since it was really in great shape to begin with. Minor items that were addressed before putting it on the road were: complete cleaning, new tires/tubes, reset preload on the headset bearings, light true-up on the wheels and lubed the chain. Cosmetically it's perfect though I couldn't resist waxing it; the anodized finish shines up beautifully. Since blue and yellow are two of my favorite colors - I may have gone a bit overboard on that theme by adding blue sidewall Serfas tires, the Bassano Strike saddle, Ciussi cages in yellow and Cinelli blue/yellow bar tape to tie it all together. Some details: it's a 54x52 frame, with: 54/42t front and 12-23t rear 8 speed. Except for the Shimano cassette all else is Mavic components. It's light, ~20 LBf and very fast.

How I came to own it. Saw it on local craigslist, the ad photos were rather poor, and the description very brief, it basically stated: race bike for sale and the price. But, there was just something that seemed special about it, so I called the owner and arranged to go see it. Well, I show up and it turns out to be a former co-worker of mine. Unfortunatly, he gave up riding around 7 years ago; which is how long he stored it before he could bear to part it. Turns out had a serious injury in car/bike accident while riding one of his Gitane bikes. The deal included a box full of vintage parts, NOS 9 speed Mavic cassette, Sachs 8 spd chain, oh, and the original build sheet for the Vitus when he purchased it new from Colorado Cyclist in Feb of 1994. Needless to say, I brought it all home!


Special thanks to Bruce.....



Vitus 992 - side view


Vitus 992 - top tube detail

Vitus 992 - bottom bracket detail


Vitus 992 - Mavic Rear Derailleur
Vitus 992 - stem and bars detail


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