Hello Jim,

I hope my English isn't too bad...

I found Your wonderful website and love the bikes shown on it. I think the bike I ride fits to the philosophy of the site.

Two weeks ago, surfing on the Web, I discovered a used roadbike with steel frame, - I immediately had a phone call to Belgium and made an appointment for next day. The owner was a young man who wasn't interested in bikes, his price was o.k. and when I saw the "beast" I immediately fell in love with it and bought it on the spot.

It's in a pretty good shape, and as I made 150 miles in some days now on it, I must say I have no regrets at all and really think it's so good to be crazy sometimes.

I want to undo it during the winter months as I don't like the frame colours ( of course I'll preserve the chrome parts ). Yet I have to think this over - I think the bike must be a 1990 to 1996 period model, italian "Luciano Paletti" - I searched on the Web but did not find a lot about it. One of the many small italian bike factories that probably disappeared since...

It's equipped with a Shimano 105 Group and brakes.

Here are my pics - in spring, there will be more if I transformed the bike into how I would like it to be.

Greetings from small Luxembourg,




Paletti - nondrive side view


Paletti - rear angled view

Paletti - head on view


Paletti - front end detail
Paletti - out on the roads


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