This 1984 Centurion was a 1st wedding anniversary gift to myself. My wife went to Jamaica with a girlfriend as her gift. My gift promoted clean healthy fun and a commuter machine for decades. Her gift provided her with a poor attitude and an inability to commit. My 2nd anniversary gift to myself was to set her free to be as she would be and rather cheaply for me. I kept the house! Anyway...

This bike is capable of extended loaded travel other than the weekend overnights I've tested it with. Everything you could ask for in a praire schooner was standard equipment on these wonderful bikes. It even has internal wiring for the lighting system. I've still have the original rear derailleur, chain and freewheel available for a quick change back into touring mode. Well worth the $469.00!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Blankenbiller



Centurion ProTour - top down view


Centurion ProTour - spare spokes

Centurion ProTour - drivetrain


Centurion ProTour - front rack setup
Centurion ProTour - Bottom Bracket Generator detail




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