Hi Jim,

My anniversary gift.The frame was purchased on E-Bay.

The Challenge tires were awesome for the first 2 miles, then I got a flat and walked home rather than trying to repair on the side of a busy NYC street.

On my way home, I took a few pictures. It's tough to get decent pictures with all the shiny parts on this bike...will take better ones if we get an overcast day.

All Dura Ace 25th Anniversary except:
Velo Orange stem and adapter
Velo Orange rims
Ideale swallow saddle (it looks like a banana seat, but it is surprisingly comfortable)
Shimano 600 pedals
NItto Noodle handlebars

The Velo Orange parts (rim and stem) are beautiful and quite light. Highly recommended.

John R Ferguson

New York, NY




J. P. Weigle - headtube lugs detail


J. P. Weigle - nondrive side view

J. P. Weigle - head on view


J. P. Weigle - driveside view
J. P. Weigle - front end detail




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