Hi Jim,

Attached are a few pictures of my East German roadbike. Late 80's vintage. The brand's Sprick. A quick google search reveals that they are still up and running, producing bicycles by the hundred thousands every year.

I bought mine from the original owner through a local bike shop in 2006. It has been ridden all over my city since then. I live in Istanbul/Turkey.

The Frame and fork are lugged. No-nonsense cro-moly straight gauge tubing all around. It has braze-ons for racks and fenders front and near but not a single braze on for bottle holders. In its current setup I have Dia-compe brakes, Shimano drivetrain with 52-40 11-32 gearing, Made in PRC tires and a 3ttt drop bar I butchered into bullhorns on it.

I have a serious touring bike (which I shall submit too whenever I have pictures of her) and a commuter/mtb frankenbike so this one usually gets ridden rarely on leisurely rides. Although it's quite capable of serious speeds with a 52x11 high gear.

Take care and thank you for such a lovely website.


M. Tayfur YAGCI
Med. Student



Sprick - side view


Sprick - side view

Sprick - drivetrain detail


Sprick - head on view
Sprick - bars setup detail
Sprick - rear angle view




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