According to Peter Mooney, this fine frame was built in May, 1990, in his stock sport geometry from Columbus SLX tubes, using Takahasi cast lugs, Columbus drop-outs with integral eyelets, and Cinelli crown and stay tops.

From its condition, you might think it was built sometime this spring. EBay has been good to me once more. It is a wonderful handling bicycle with ideal proportions for my body and riding style, and Mr. Mooney's design and execution, superb.

I am pleased with the build, done on a minimum of out of pocket. The rear wheel is less than it could or should be, but it will do for now.




Peter Mooney - front end detail


Peter Mooney - side view

Peter Mooney - headtube detail


Peter Mooney - seat cluster detail
Peter Mooney - drivetrain detail




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