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Note - This is actually an update of Current Classics #329. I didn't notice it before I set the page up, and already numbered the following bikes. Since this is such a good looking set of images, I decided to let it stand as a separate entry - Jim

Don Genvese's Miyata 1000 Revision:

1982 Miyata 1000
Phil Wood Hubs lace to Mavic T520 Rims - 40F, 48R Panaracer 32mm
TSERVmessenger Tires Miyata
Original Front and Rear Racks
Nitto Pearl StemĘ
Nitto 45mm Randonneur Handlebar
Silver Bar End Levers
B&M Generator and Lamp
Sackville Front and Rear Bags
VO Fenders Brooks
B17 Special Saddle
Shimano Dior RearĘ
Suntour 5000 Front
Animal BMX Pedals
Sugino Crank 24-36-46
Shimano 7spd Freewheel 14-34



Miyata 1000 Tourer - side view

Miyata 1000 Tourer - rear view

Miyata 1000 Tourer - towing the B.O.B. Trailer


Miyata 1000 Tourer - side view
Miyata 1000 Tourer - up against the fence
Miyata 1000 Tourer - front angle view




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