Love the bikes on your site, and used many of them for inspiration when building up my daily commuter. It is a custom build by Tati Cycles ( I ride it all year here in Chicago. The pictures are of the 3 main configurations I use throughout the year.

Configuration 1 is front and back racks, wood fenders, and Rivendell Jack Browns. This is how the bike was originally conceived for its main commuter duties.

Configuration 2 is for cross races. I take off the fenders and racks, and replace the Jack Browns with Schwalbe CX Pros.

Configuration 3 is for commuting during cross season. Right after the race the racks go back on.

You can see the write up from Tati at


(Orange background photos used with permission by Tati cycles. Thanks!)


Tati Cycles - side view


Tati Cycles - rack and fender detail

Tati Cycles - chainstay wrap


Tati Cycles - Ready for the Races
Tati Cycles - Post-Race Dress
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