Hi Jim,

I just could not resist this 1981 Centurion Super LeMans I spotted on Citizen Chain's NOS site. I needed a home for some of the parts I have accumulated over the last few years (decades), the new build also gave me an excuse to lace up some very strange 600ax hubs I had laying around. This one has its place in the commuter fleet and makes my ride to work a little more pleasurable. In order to make this addition I had to promise to give away two others. It was nice to make a couple neighborhood kids happy.

Brooks Conquest Saddle
SR post
Nitto Moustache Bars
600ax aero hubs
Sun CR 18 Rims (new)
Shimano 600 Cranks
Tektro Brakes and Levers (new)
Shimano Crane rear derailleur
Suntour BL front derailleur
Suntour BL shifters
VO bottom bracket

this site is tops!

thanks Jim



Centurion Super LeMans - side view


Centurion Super LeMans - drivetrain detail

Centurion Super LeMans - Shimano Crane Derailleur


Centurion Super LeMans - Suntour Shifters
Centurion Super LeMans - front end detail
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