For Current Classics' consideration, my 2007 custom Rivendell Road Standard. Ordered in 2004 and built by Mark Nobilette(MN 1397). It is my go to bike for events and state wide tours.

Parts are mostly from my retired 1987 SR 500.

Frame/fork: 60 Nobilette, Joe Bell
Cockpit: Nitto 115 HB, Technomic stem, Tange HS, Tressostar tape, Velox plugs, Brooks B17 Riv Special, American Classic SP
Drivetrain: Sugino XD 2 Compact Cross 46/34, Sachs 6 SP FW 13-24, MKS/Christophe pedals, KMC 8SP, 105 DT shifters, 105 FD/RD, Shimano c/c 113 BB.
Wheels: 105 32H hubs, Open Pro rims,Paselas
Brakes: DiaCompe standard levers, DiaCompe 505Q Arches, Matthauser pads
Accessories: Ale cages, Blackburn pump, Riv Tool burrito, Performance computer

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Joe Huddleston
Manteo, NC



Rivendell Road Standard - head on view


Rivendell Road Standard - angled top down view

Rivendell Road Standard - side view


Rivendell Road Standard - drivetrain detail
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