Please find the attached photos of Jack Taylor Super Clubman #5552. It is 23.5"x 23.5". I am pretty sure the build date is 1966. This is the original finish and apparently it was a show frame which was hidden up in Jacks attic. Thanks to Mike Thompson for not buying it when he first saw it!!

I am currently building this frame up with first generation Dura Ace bits along with a set of Phil Wood Hi/Lo Campagnolo Delta Strada tubular wheels built by Derby King. I am new to center pull brakes so the period Mafac Racers may not stay on. The modulation is pleasant but they have a hard time stopping all 200lbs of bike and I.

I have been surprised by peoples negative reaction to the use of Dura Ace with a frame painted like the French Flag. Well no offense to those who love French components, but I enjoy the practical aspects of the Japonnaise. I would sacrifice practicality for a Cyclo Benelux Super 60 but I cant find one to fit the Campagnolo hanger on this frame if they even made one. I am also looking for a period bar/stem combo in 120mmx44cm which has proved elusive. Nitto does the job for now.

Thanks to Kevin Sayles, I now know the headset is a T.D.C. Italia. Produced in Birmingham in the mid 60s.

Cheers and I hope you like the pics.


Proud Couple and a Beautiful Jack Taylor


Jack Taylor Super Clubman - rear angled view

Jack Taylor Super Clubman - downtube detail


Jack Taylor Super Clubman - headtube detail
Jack Taylor Super Clubman - front angled view
Jack Taylor Super Clubman - fork crown detail
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