I purchased this Jack Taylor curved seat tube time trial frame at the Cirque du Cyclisme in 2002 and took almost a year to build it up basing it on a fifties TT bike as the 1979 frame was identical to that shown in a 1950 Jack Taylor catalogue. It's got a 1950 Sturmey Archer ASC three speed fixed gear time trial hub I'd purchased at the same time. It's such a wonderful rider that I've slowly been upgrading it with favorite parts and working toward the perfect fit & gear ratios for our area ... and the bike's gotta look good!

Even with the short wheelbase, it's a pretty light steel bike that's got great balance and is quite comfortable for long rides in the not so hilly areas south of Baltimore, MD, an easy no hands machine at just a few mph. Components of note besides the rear hub are the Stronglight 49D cranks, TA track ring, ttt adjustable stem and 'Tour de France' bar, B-17 narrow w/ saddle support, Old NOS Universal sidepull calipers w/ GB levers and wing nuts all around. Modern concessions are the Stronglight needle bearing headset that I can't bring myself to switch out, the CR-18, 32 x 40 hole hooked bead rims and Campy Superleggera pedals w/ Cinelli straps.

Dan Artley



Jack Taylor - side view

Jack Taylor - saddle detail
Jack Taylor - Analog
Jack Taylor - drive side view
Jack Taylor - drivetrain detail
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