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This is my 1992 Bridgestone XO-2, which I acquired as a frame, fork and headset, last December. I built it up with a Deore crank and rear derailleur, XT Deerhead front derailleur, Suntour Greaseguard headset, ancient XT cantis and new XT hubs laced to Mavic rims, with Schwalbe 26x1.35 cyclocross tires. I am running 7 speeds on the rear, with indexed Deore 7-speed thumbshifters. The brake levers are DiaCompe road levers, pulled from an old Schwinn of some sort, a long time ago.

What a sweet ride. The first-gen Gary bar feels just right on this bike, and the Brooks B-17 saddle keeps me comfortable on century rides (3, so far this year, as of February). While I will occasionally throw some Basil bags over the rack and ride it to work, I don't subject it to the rigors of the daily commute. I think of this bike as my "fun bike", which I jump on for the sheer joy of riding.

Jon Grinder
Denver, CO



Bridgestone XO-2 - angled front view


Bridgestone XO-2 - side view

Bridgestone XO-2 - side view


Bridgestone XO-2 - Out in the Snow
Bridgestone XO-2 - rear angled view
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