I have attached a few photographs of my recently repainted Rivendell Atlantis.

I liked the silver on a Rivendell Cyclocross bike I used to own (http://www.cyclofiend.com/cx/2007/cx025-anguslemon0407.html) so I opted for Silver. I had two sets of bosses added to the front fork. The Tubus low-rider front rack that I use really needs the bosses on the rear of the fork blades and I had a set of bosses added for the fenders so that I can remove the front rack without disturbing the fenders (the fenders previously mounted to the front rack). I still need to re-tape the bars and replace a warped front fender.

A few items of note:
The brakes are “old” Shimano high-profile cantilevers.
The free wheel is a six-speed Shimano on a Phil Wood 36 hole touring hub (near zero dish).
The MKS Touring pedals have been modified to allow grease to be injected through the dust cap.






Rivendell Atlantis - front fork detail


Rivendell Atlantis - side view

Rivendell Atlantis - front angled view


Rivendell Atlantis - headbadge detail
Rivendell Atlantis - Downtube detail

Rivendell Atlantis - top tube head tube lug detail

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