Dear Jim:

I recently found your website in my search for a vintage steel road bike. After having found one, I'd like to submit it to showcase among all of the amazing bikes I've seen on your site. It's a 1986 Centurion Accordo RS which I acquired from a family friend who was looking to part with it. The previous owner kept it in such pristine condition, a fact for which I'm very very thankful, that I couldn't refuse the offer. I ride it mainly on the weekends - for now - building up the miles and getting my riding legs back in shape. I love the ride and I love this bike.

As you will see in the photos attached, everything on the bike, from the handlebar tape to the paint to the pedal clips, is original, save for the mirror, handlebar bag and computer which are all generic brands that work just fine for me. It even has Shimano bits and lugs in all the right places! I hope you enjoy it. I have.

Thanks so much for your great site!

Regards, Dom from Conn.


Centurion Accordo RS - Side view


Centurion Accordo RS - seat cluster detail

Centurion Accordo RS - derailleur details




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