I was lucky enough to purchase this bike used a year and a half ago. It was build a month away from my own Rivendell All-Rounder by Joe Stark. Same color, same dimension, same builder, same year! This is my vanity bike, the one I don't need. It has plenty of titanium bits on it that are probably silly, but I just can't help myself! Built up with a compact double and 28 spoke go fast wheels, it goes pretty much anywhere I want to go. I even take it out in the dirt a bit, but save more of that for my All-Rounder. I'm finding that when I'm wanting to go on a longer ride, this has become the bike I turn to. I'm extremely lucky to have two such great bikes!


Redlands, CA


Rivendell Road - driveside view


Rivendell Road - front angled view

Rivendell Road - Out in the Hills


Rivendell Road - angled view
Rivendell Road - The Twins


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