Those photos on the first page were getting reasonably out of date - there've been a couple different sets of cranks, brakes, tires and such. After installing Rivendell/Nitto lugged ahead stem and noodle bars, I realized it probably wouldn't be this clean for a while, so... photo time. The sharp-eyed among you will notice that I had to pull a 9spd Ultegra front brake/shifter out of the parts pile, as the old 600 8 spd shifter had finally gotten too senile. Also, I'm running "traditional" (though less commonly found these days) cable hangers on the Avid 6's.

- Jim

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Lemond Poprad - rear quarter view
Lemond Poprad - side view
Lemond Poprad - front quarter
Lemond Poprad - front detail view
Lemond Poprad - handlebar detail

Update 12/15/06 -

As detailed in the blog back at the end of October, some cracks revealed themselves the day before the White's Hill CX race. Further inspection showed that they began from inside the headtube, and thus, the Poprad honored to the skies and sent back under warranty. Lots of good miles, great rides and nice memories in that frame.

Bye Bey Poprad
Here's one possibility...




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