Hey Jim -

Here is a pic of my other cyclocross bike a Cannondale Optimo Cross, unlike my Planet X Kaffenback this bike is built to go fast.

It started as a stock 05 Cannondale Optimo Cross, but some of the heavier parts were swapped out and then it was raced... a lot. The first things to go were the boat anchor Gipiemme T3 wheels, which were replaced by a Velomax Ascent rear and a ultegra/open pro front.

The stock Tiagra shifters weren't up for the challenge of racing and were replaced by 9 speed ultegra STI. The rear 105 derailleur was replaced by a Dura Ace 9 speed triple rear, which works great on a double when using a 32 tooth cassette.

The stock seat was replaced by a Flite Gel Ti saddle. And the stock 26t cassette was swapped out for a 32t.

Paired with a set of Michelin Mud 2 tires this is a go anywhere bike, and one that can go anywhere fast. This is my favorite bike to ride and the one that gets ridden the most.

rock on,




Cannondale Optimo Cross - side view



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