Or, the Bianchi Budget Build...

My lovely bride called one day while I was working in St. Louis and left a voice mail message tht basically stated "Found a Bianchi frame and some parts attached. I turned it down because you have enough parts already. Let me know if you want it...." And to which I replied "If it's under $50, buy it and don't ask questions. More than that, call me and tell me what model. If it's free, grab it and run like the cops are after you..."

So I get home after that week and discovered this Advantage frame with brakes, rear derailer, stem and bars attached. She bought it for $2 at a yard sale. I just bought a LeJeune for $150 fully built up with the Bontrager Race wheelset. Sold the LeJeune frame and fork for $100. So I'm out $50 for them there wheels. Not too bad.

Rest of the parts from various parts bin, most from the Schwinn Traveler my 16-year-old used to turn the "C" shaped horizontal drop out into more of an "L" shape. (http://www.cyclofiend.com/cx/2007/cx032-jdkimple1207.html)

Ran the barcon cables along the bars just under the brake cables (inspiration thanks to fellow iBOBs, and later the new Raleigh Sojurn).Works like a dream, no hesitation at all with teflon-coated cables and new housing. A few more bucks for the seatpost and bar tape, total cash outlay under $85 US.



Bianchi Advantage - rear quarter view
Bianchi Advantage - Head on View
Bianchi Advantage - drivetrain detail
Bianchi Advantage - Seat cluster detail
Bianchi Advantage - Front Quarter View


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