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Here are some photos of my cross bike.

It is a Rock Lobster single speed frame that was built this year to help start Team Paul Comp. The specs; Steel frame and fork (the only way to go!) with Paul rear track drop outs. Powder coated and built up with nice parts. Paul mtn. cranks, Paul Racer brakes, Paul cross levers, and Paul hubs (high flang front). Ritchy bars and stem, Cane Creek brake levers and head set. The cranks are attached to a Phil btm braket with Egg beater pedals. The Easton seat post keeps my big butt off the rear tire (Ritchey Speed Max front and rear). It is a blast to ride and a real looker as well. A big thanks to Paul and Paul!!

Be cool,


Lau Ackerman
Chico, CA



Lau Representing for Team Paul
Rock Lobster Singlespeed - side view
Rock Lobster Singlespeed - head on view
Rock Lobster Singlespeed - fork end detail
Rock Lobster Singlespeed - crankset detail


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