This a Paul Milne bike. Paul Milne is a UK store that specializes in cross and occasionally puts together its own bike design. This one was built several years ago but was only ridden for a season of cross before I bought it - between times it "rested" in a local amateur TT star's garage. It has a 7005 frame with a rather long (for a crosser) and slightly sloping top tube and the power train is Campagnolo Mirage. The turquoise tyres are the Michelins that the original purchaser specced for the bike. I flipped the stem and fitted BMX pedals. I prefer these for everything but racing, but especially for the trail and singletrack riding that I use this bike for.

This bike has exceptional ride quality with absolutely no buzz at all - I nicknamed the bike "Rocket" for its speed and because I really feel like I'm flying through the air riding it. When I feel ruthless enough I'll swap the turquoise 30mm tyres for something wider and grippier on the mixture of roads and gravel I ride - probably boringly black Marathon Extremes - and lower the cantilever straddle. Rocket will then be even faster and brake *much* better, but she won't be nearly as pretty.


PS My gf and I have two rescued cats, but one won't go outside because she's agoraphobic, and the other one is too much of a maniac to be unleashed, so neither could appear in the pcitures - sorry.



Paul Milne - front angle view
Paul Milne - drivetrain view
Paul Milne - front wheel
Paul Milne - side view
Paul Milne - front end detail
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