I've had this mid-nineties Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll for about a year now and love the versatility of the bike. I raced cylcocross on it last season, taken it on mixed terrain rides, single track, and overnighters. This summer I'll be using it for an extended tour through southwestern Wisconsin.

I've set it up Shimergo style, with Veloce 10sp shifters to a 8sp Shimano XT drive train. It's really the best of both worlds and works like a charm. Besides the shifters, the components are all mid-nineties XT, still running strong. The tires are NOS Specialized 45c cyclocross tires; i wish i had bought two pairs when i had the chance.

I've got the matching front and rear racks, also designed by Bruce Gordon, packed away while trail riding.

Thanks for hosting this awesome sight.

Talley ho,

-- Kevin P. Mulcahy

Chicago, IL



Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll - side view
Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll - front end detail
Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll - Canti setup detail
Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll - The Elusive Rooster
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