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The Plan for 2008

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to update stuff here this season. This won't really be a comprehensive clearing house for up-to-the-minute cyclocross news - I'd check out Velonews and the new site for what's happening. For SF Bay Area specific stuff, most of it will appear on the NCNCA CX bloggish pages. I'll continue to link to my videos and photos from here, as well as other stuff that catching my eye.


2007 Cyclocrosserific Videorama

Broke in the vid-cam with some footage at the 2007 Bay Area Super Prestige Series races. Posted 'em over at YouTube under "cyclofiend"... yonder.

2006 Season CX World Championships:
Four Races - Three US Silvers!

Yikes! If this keeps up, Cross is gonna get popular...

Danny Summerhill in the Junior Race

Katie Compton in the Women's Race

Jonathan Page in the Men's Race

I'm both giddy as a jellybean-amped schoolgirl and stunned as a salmon in a bear's mouth... What great stuff.

Another ref:

NCNCA CX Pages & Bay Area Resources

Main CX Page - Calendar - Rides - Plus, they've put in a blog for updates, which should generate a fair amount of noise... Head on over there for the latest news and info.

Also - there's a BayAreaCyclocross Yahoo Group now. Join in the fun!

Marin CX Race - Fundraiser 10/28/06


Benefit for White Hill School in Fairfax - what collection of Marin racers will scramble down from their stills in the hills?

Full details and downloadable flyer - click here

UPDATE 10/31 - Big Swingin' Brian emailed me the results - here's his pdf . I've posted some photos here and here, a race monologue here, and AbbiOrca posted their usual excellent set of photos here.

Link to Film Baby.comMuddy Thumb Up?

Haven't seen this one yet, but anytime someone is crazy enough to make a film about cyclocross, it's worth taking a look at.

"Transition - Experience an entire season of cyclo-cross, each race a sixty minute slog fest. This award winning documentary is a behind the scenes look at the most exciting form of cycling. Get to know the racers that make up the American 'cross scene as they battle - week in and week out - in the fall of 2004. Insightful and humorous interviews along with gritty racing action make TRANSITION a must see for everyone. "

Trailers available at

Hand Me Down Them Runnin' Shoes!

Are you running yet? If not, here's a good article on running that is posted on Dave Carr's Napa Valley Velo CX pages.

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